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since Jan 30 Das, Lalji et al. Nāvanītakam : or, the Bower manuscript
since Jan 30 Miśrabhāva Die Ophthalmologie des Bhāvaprakāśa.
since Jan 30 Bhela The Bhela samhita : Sanskrit text
since Jan 30 Suśruta Die Ophthalmologie des Suśruta
since Jan 26 Sen, Gananath Pratyaksha-shariram : a textbook of human anatomy in Sanskrit

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Notes on the search box

Suggestions in the search box correspond to searches using the university discovery service (UKAŽ) when restricted to exact phrases in titles of the department library. In addition, few features have been added:

  • substring support — when no results are returend from the discovery service, a backup copy of the catalogue is searched which allows looking up an arbitrary part of the title regardless of word boundaries (i.e. in addition to diplomacy you can also search for diplomac or iplomac)
  • diacritics support — when the query contains diacritical marks, results from the catalogue backup that strictly match the query are added (i.e. Herman will not be returned for Heřman)
  • author recognition — when the query contains a surname of any of the authors of items in the library, their publications will be returend; if other words are included, the title search is limited to the author's publications

If an entry has multiple authors or call numbers, they will be available in a tooltip on mouse hover. Note: the backup copy does not always contain the latest acquisitions.

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